GREEN PLUS is a global manufacturer of wireless energy monitor. Combining our experience and our love for the environment, we aim to develop the best cost effective energy saving tools.
The GREEN PLUS products allow you also to considerably reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills. GREEN PLUS is a young dynamic business, which cares about the environment. So we decided to help people who care too by reducing their carbon footprint. We believe that a tiny change accumulated will make the difference and allow all of us to live in a greener world.
  At GREEN PLUS we aim to satisfy each customer with our energy saving monitors. With our easy to use products, we try to make it easy to save money, conserve energy and reduce the CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.
GREEN PLUS has partnerships with many distributors and utilities companies through the world and we are eager to help your business with our products.
It's difficult to manage something that you can't see and can't measure. With our wireless energy monitor you can gauge energy usage, so you can see how much it's costing you. Our portable display shows you instantaneously, every change in your consumption in terms of electricity, cost and CO2 emissions.
At GREEN PLUS we care about quality, all of our products are tested following international quality control standards. All our products passed certification for markets of their destination.
GREEN PLUS and all GREEN PLUS products are brand owned by ECHO ENERGY LIMITED.
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