THE GREEN COACH will help you to be green!

The GREEN COACH is a wireless energy monitor: The most simple and most complete wireless energy monitor on the market.
The GREEN COACH is the tool that can help you to monitor, understand, and manage your energy consumption from the source.
Updating every 6 seconds, the wireless energy monitor allows you to check your instant energy consumption, what it's costing you, your electricity carbon footprint, and how much you are saving everyday.
The pie graph gives you instant feedback and comparison of your energy consumption for the last 7 Hours/days/weeks/months.
Your goal bar helps you reduce your consumption and achieve your monthly objective.
The save digit line allows you to compare your actual consumption against the average of the 7 first days of the month and give you a reference/standard. Check it out to find out if you are over using or using any unnecessary appliances.
Keep track of your progress with 2 years of data memory or check your previous days/weeks/months record on board.


    -Instant Electricity/Cost/Carbon Emission
    -Instant saving
    -7 Hours/Days/Weeks/Months pie graph
    -Monthly Goal Bar
    -4 tariffs/ periods of higher rate
    -2 years history in memory
    -Temperature and Humidity
    -Range connection 40-70m
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